Monday, July 27

Dear Mr. President,

I'm sorry, I don't usually write you, I know you are a busy and powerful man. But I'm a little bit frustrated.

With everything going on in this country - no, let's make it broader - this world, you have time to sit down and have a beer with a police officer? Because he arrested someone? No, let's make it broader. Because he arrested your friend? Are you going to have a beer with every person that might possibly be wrongfully arrested? Are you going to call every cop 'stupid' for making a split second decision that turned out to be wrong? If you were not friends with this man, would you even care?

If we were talking about President Bush one year ago, would you have been flummoxed? Outraged? Making campaign promises about not wasting time?

I thought so.

Come on, Mr. President, lets get back to work on the things that you should be focusing on. The economy, for one. And what about making all our enemies love us, how is that going? Last time I checked, not so well. You want this health care thing to go through right? I don't, so how about you get to work on making a plan that won't take 10 years to implement, that won't increase costs for ANYONE, that won't put a burden on the future. That seems like a better use of your time than a beer with buddy.



p.s. flummoxed is an awesome word.


Lacey said...


CK Nethercott aka Mom said...

love it... and flummoxed also. I'm impressed! Have a great day!

That Girl said...

Sigh, sigh, and sigh again.

(Also, I hate that whole Opposition Thing, too.)

looneyschoony said...

I agree 100%