Friday, July 24

Fifty Percent Off

There was a time when I thought to myself:

Self, we maybe might could make money off this blog thing!

I mean, wouldn't that be cool? Money for pretty much writing about the stuff I would write about if I wrote regular letters home to mom. Or a journal. EASY. That was back when I thought people might actually care what I have to say. I was so young and foolish then...

But, I've come to realize over time, that all those money making blogs really irritate me. The whole right side all cluttered up with ads I don't care about. T-shirts selling the blog. Bags. Mouse pads. Books. I don't care how much I love your blog, I'm not buying a book when I can read it for free. Anytime. I. Want.


I suppose if it is your career to write then I can understand making money with your blog. And I won't lie, if someone said "here is a pot of money to put an ad on your site", I would do it. I would do it on the off chance it might be enough free money to take me on a long vacation somewhere I can't afford. Not to mention, Josh could really use a good math tutor who isn't me.

So, I guess I'm a hypocrite.

But I really wish, at the very least, people would stop selling themselves on t-shirts.