Tuesday, July 7

Blank Paper

Sometimes, because this is a public blog, I feel pressure to say brilliant things. Or at the very least, interesting things. I feel pressure to get it right, say it right, do it right because someone somewhere will probably read it - most likely it will be my parents or sister, all of which are quite used to my vast not perfect-ness. But that is beside the point.

The point is, I don't know what to write these days. The lack of comments on my posts is discouraging, the lack of bloggable subject matter is even more so. There are lots of cute pictures of my kids I could post, but the other day I got a weird comment about Carly (that I did not publish, and I won't be publishing) that made me reconsider what pictures I post. I even removed the post that the weird comment was left for. And I thought to myself: Self, you should have known. The world is full of sick people, after all.

And that's really too bad, that I thought that. Because the world is full of great people too. Amazing people, even. Some of them are quite ordinary but especially kind. Some are loud, some are quiet. Some I know, some I don't. On the whole, I would say that the world is balanced to the good. But those few bad seeds...well they grow some big weeds.

There are many good things happening in the T house that I could tell you about. Like how we're all unpacked and my biggest problem has been deciding where to hang up pictures. Like how the weather has been HOT in the daytime, and lovely in the evening. Like how we've had 2 dinners with my parents and 1 with my oldest brother and his awesome family. Like how Josh and Carly are having a grand time with their cousins. I could talk about my lunch with an old friend. Or I could tell you about the time I bought 2 shower curtains for the same shower on the same day. Or the time we pulled weeds in the front yard and left them in a big pile in the driveway - because we can.

I could tell you about the bad things happening at the T house, that is thankfully a much shorter list. Eric has been battling kidney stones that won't go away...and that's pretty much it.

Things are good, you see. So, so good.

What else is there to say?