Tuesday, August 4

Dear Carly,

Today you are turning four.

That's 1461 days.


35,064 hours.


48 months.

(In case you ever wondered.)

Somewhere along the way you made up your mind that you are, in fact, the center of the universe, the sun in the sky, the ruler of moods, the maker of dreams, the changer of minds, the shooting star.

You didn't get that from me, it is just part of you.

And while I don't always appreciate the insistence with which you grab hold of your chosen daily destiny, I admire your sense of self. I admire your confidence, your entitlement, your solid belief that you are a Princess. The Princess. You have surprised me, amazed me, infuriated me, confused me. You have blessed me, changed me, comforted me, stretched me, stupefied me. You have healed my wounds, you have confirmed my belief in a bigger plan, you have knit the frazzled ends of my soul. My life is better and happier because you are in it. And I am grateful.

I hope, as life goes speeding by, you never forget just how miraculous you are.

I hope that every day feels like today, a celebration of your happy life.

Fly, baby, fly.