Friday, August 28

Good, Bad, Ugly

The good:

- Carly loves preschool.
- the fence is up.
- Josh finished his homework.

The bad:

- there is no preschool on Fridays.
- there is not enough fence to go all the way across the back yard.
- Josh forgot half his homework at school.

The ugly:

- there is no preschool on Fridays. (She really loves it.)
- the fence is bubbly and crooked. (But I don't care enough to fix it!)
- I think part of my brain fell out while Josh was doing his homework. (Seriously.)

Bonus - the funny (on our way out to finish the fence):

Carly: Mommy can I use the hammer?
Me: Yes, I'll let you hammer a little bit after I get these clips in.
Carly: Josh, come on, it's hammer time!


Anonymous said...

Too funny, you are so going to be able to embarrass her when she is a teenager with Carly reference to the 90s. So yesterday, but not far enough yesterday to be socially acceptable again!

Melanie said...

HaH!!! That's funny!

Jim said...

That made me laugh. I love how you can remember the funny things the kids say!

JustRandi said...

That is a great skill - to be able to remember the funny stuff your kids say! It's something I rarely can do!

Sarah said...

I don't remember so much as I repeat the funny thing they said to myself over and over and over again until I have time to put it on virtual paper. I forget way more of what they said than I remember!