Monday, August 17

Things I tell myself

We're taking a break from your regularly scheduled "Oh look at my kids and what I'm doing for them because I'm awesome or at least I pretend to be kids kids kids!" post to list a few of the things I like to tell myself about - oh - every 6 months:

1. I don't want it to be positive, I'm happy with where my life is right now.

2. I have two great kids, I'm happy with that and I shouldn't be whining when I'm so blessed.

3. I really didn't want to change diapers again anyhow.

4. I've almost got the youngest in school.

5. I'm getting old (seriously, 3 gray hairs plucked while waiting in the car for Eric), and I don't want to have small children in my 40s.

6. We only have 2 kid bedrooms anyhow, so someone would have to share.

7. I barely have enough patience for the two I've got. Make that, I don't have enough patience...

8. I can't afford to go shopping for new clothes. For anyone.

9. I like sleeping through the night {snicker, like I do this}.

10. Three words: Labor and delivery.

And on and on.

It doesn't help, just fyi.

But I still repeat the list.