Saturday, August 22

Times and Seasons

Sometimes we wish for rain. We hope for that brilliant storm to come rolling in with flashing lights and booming sound. We long to be washed clean as the water streaks down from heaven. We embrace the chaos and go running through the rain, feet splashing in the puddles, mouth open to catch the cold drops. Sometimes, we let go.

Sometimes we wish for sun. We pray for that crystal clear day of vast blue sky. We look eagerly for puffy, drifting clouds and makes shapes of them in our mind's eye. We strip down to our basics and go hopping about, absorbing the happiness. We bathe in the glory of the daylight. Sometimes, we hold on.

Sometimes we long for moonlight. We gaze up at the silvery glow and sigh, happy with the meager beacon's gentle beaming. We examine the changes around us, amazed at how different things seem in softer shades. We let our spirit wander through soft dream-filled fields. We wish on stars, regardless of how possible the outcome is. Sometimes, we rest.

Sometimes we recognize the cycles. The ups that lead to downs. The downs that lead to ups. Now and then we look back and see the winding road, we see the twists and turns, the bramble filled choices, the smooth patches without potholes - and we feel right about where we ended up. Sometimes we get a glimpse of what's ahead, the fear is swept away by hope, and the future spreads glorious wings before taking flight.

Sometimes we fly.

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