Monday, August 31


We need more chairs. Every time people come over for dinner, I become even more painfully aware that we don't have enough.

But I don't really want chairs, per say. I'd rather have a cozy sectional. Or a cute little bench that doesn't hurt your bum. (Do those exist?)

Floor pillows? Too low. Nobody wants to get up from a floor pillow.
Recliner? To bulky and only enough room for 1.
Love seat? Possibly. If I could find the right one.

I'm kind of bugged by the position of our pellet stove. The stove plus two built in bookshelves take up one whole wall of our family room, severely limiting furniture placement. It irritates me in a "gosh dang I'm lucky" kind of way.

World hunger? Meh. Global warming? {snicker} Immunizations? National health care/Ted Kennedy? Michael Jackson's homicide? Lindsay Lohan's home robbed? Pshh, I don't need to sweat these major issues!

I've got a severe lack of seating, people, and it's not going to solve itself.