Tuesday, September 29

I hope no one wrapped fish in it


Does anyone have a copy of the Wednesday Aug. 23 Albuquerque Journal? Because I'm totally a GUEST COLUMNIST in it! RIGHT HERE. And if you click on my name, you can send me 'tips' for news articles! OH MY GOSH.

Okay, so it was really a letter to the editor, OP piece. That blog about the State Fair tweaked a little bit to suit a newspaper. (Poor kitty didn't make the cut.) But DUDE! (Sorry, I just can't think of another word that matches my enthusiasm here!)

I'd just like to thank Pam for the idea of sending it in, and the State Fair for sucking so bad, and Josh's teacher who read the article and told Josh she liked it (because I didn't even know it was published!), and my parents for giving me life, and like isn't the world wonderful? (Seriously, we need not only the sarcasm font but the funny-voice-giving-acceptance-speech-font.)

p.s. I really don't have an actual copy so if you just happen to have one, please let me know! Especially sans fish.

p.s.s. the super sticky note on the right came via JustRandi, she rocks my blog world regularly, you should check her out


Heather said...

That is so awesome!! Yay for you. Seriously, just as funny the second time around.

(I'm sure Josh's teacher has the article.... maybe you could bribe her for it.)

Anonymous said...

Dude! You are waaaay wicked bad :)

I was actually thinking about your blog on this just yesterday when an editorial almost the same was on the radio about the LA county fair. Yours was, of course, much better, but very interesting that it was nearly the same a couple states over...

A-B-C to tha Diaz said...

Well aren't you just the awesome-est! So sad the fair sucks so bad...We have rockin' fairs here! :)