Thursday, September 3

Waxing Political

So, Obama is going to beam a speech into our public schools. And some people are really mad about the whole thing.

And I just don't get it.

First, I am not an Obama supporter (yay for freedom, I can say that and not fear death!).


What's the big deal?

Instead of going all whacky crazy about the President of the United States (I dunno if you heard, but he actually did get elected fair and square) 'brainwashing' our kids, how about using this as an opportunity to - I don't know - maybe, teach our kids? Teach them about freedom to disagree for one thing. Maybe teach them why you disagree for another. Open up a dialogue so they can ask questions about why your have a different opinion. How about embracing the idea that your kid might disagree with you? That they might, just maybe, formulate a different stance. OR they might come to decide that they like what you have to say! How about instead of looking like Rabid Right-Wing Republicans, we compose ourselves and come up with real ideas and observations? How about we give our kids some credit - I mean, my kids hopefully won't be 'brainwashed' so easily.

One of the things that drove me most crazy when George Bush was in office was the way he was treated: a complete and total lack of respect from people who disagreed with him. It's ok to disagree. It's actually good to disagree because that lets us grow, change, adapt and learn. It's not ok to stifle ideas. To discount. To jump to conclusions.

We're better than that.

Let's show it.


Pam said...

Jared and I just discussed this last night. I think people need to add more fiber to their diets! We came to same conclusion as yourself. It is a wonderful opportunity to have great discussions around the dinner table or while driving somewhere. The great thing about all of this is we are all entitled to our own opinions in this country, and we will all have to deal with whatever natural consequences that come with those opinions!

Anonymous said...

I think it's cool the President is giving a speech to school kids. I don't care which party they are from, it is still the President of the United States and elected leader of our country. Perhaps some people are concerned about what he might say, but I cannot imagine any way that it could be worse than what President Clinton said in a number of his post Monica speeches... As with anything our children are exposed to, it is important for the parents to be aware of and teaching, correcting, and as appropriate not exposing their children to. If the parents really feel this strongly, they should just keep their kids home. Alas, I recognize I have a pretty simple mind so I'm probably missing some deep concept in the debate.

I care far more about the size and type of library card you are putting in Carly's backpack... Did you check to make sure that she did not stow her favorite hammer in there :)