Tuesday, September 1

Lighten Up

Sometimes I think we forget that we're all human.

We all get mad, we all get sad, we all clench up, we all sweat and cry and fear.

And hope.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the go 'round, we lose sight of where we started and where we hope to go.

Humans make bad choices. Bad, bad, BAD choices. Sometimes methodical, crazy, out of our brain choices. Wrong choices. We all do it, to varying degrees. The day I stop doing it is the day I'm dead. So, hopefully I'll be making those bad choices for a while.

Humans make good choices too. Really good, amazing, sweet, powerful choices. I've made some good choices too. Sometimes it feels like very few, but they're there - beacons of hope in the long dark hall.

I'm amazed by how easily we forget that we're all walking the same path, some of us just have more rocks. I forget it all the time, and then I'm reminded of how petty my worries are. How feeble my faith is. How puny my knowledge is. I'm reminded that I'm just a speck in a very broad universe, one single point of light in a sea of lights. No brighter, no dimmer.

But, I can shine.

And so can you.


Heather said...

So true... I'm always reminded of my own weakness usually right after I point out someone else's. It's a vicious cycle.

That Girl said...

I might need reminding of this again. Soon. Usually about every three hours or so.

(Thanks for letting us comment again!)