Monday, October 5

Before I get back to watching The Big Bang Theory, which is THE best show on TV

So I started using this new little book that gives you topics to write about. It's supposed to be an exercise in creativity to get the ink flowing. Works pretty well most nights, not that I've written anything spectacular - at least I'm actually getting word to paper. You know, other than blogging.

Last night the topic was: Write about bathing





I did get something on paper but it was pretty short and lame.

In the spirit of the exercise I haven't skimmed very far forward to find any other weird topics, but I'll keep you posted.

(heh posted, I am so funny...okay not really.)


Anonymous said...

Your post has promoted a couple of thoughts which you can use to practice writing more, or you can of course just ignore - I can rhyme too :)

- Is washing dishes the same as giving them a bath?
- Is letting Pepper lick the dishes clean like giving them a shower?
- I bet you could get some bath fodder from the munchkinaters who love to spend hours in the tub, even when there is not homework to do...

Sarah said...

I didn't even think of these angles! Sad!