Tuesday, October 13

dia opuesto

I definitely did not fall asleep while Carly was at school.

I didn't pick her up 5 minutes late either, after all the kids were gone.

I certainly didn't hear her teacher ask "Where is your mom?" and her little voice didn't answer "I don't know!"

I didn't drive into town on a whim to buy scrapbook tape.

After picking up the scrapbook tape, I naturally did not browse the clearance paper section and buy way too much cute CUTE paper.

And there wasn't paper for Christmas cards that I adored. Nope not at all.

I didn't buy that adorable Christmas paper, not 20 sheets of it either for 35 cents each.

I didn't indulge in a bag of Frito's with my lunch.

And I also didn't let Eric finish all the laundry on his own. What kind of housewife would let her hardworking husband do ALL the work?

I didn't cringe when I saw a new picture of me posted on Facebook. I didn't almost untag it. Almost.

I really did not get an email from Josh's teacher letting me know he could barely stay awake in class yesterday and today. I wasn't discouraged by that either.

And, I'm definitely not going to send Josh to bed early tonight.

I won't send Carly for a nap soon because she didn't just get home from checking the mail with her Daddy.

And I'm certainly not ending this post right here.


That Girl said...

Ooooo - I want cute paper. Lots of it.

And seriously - you were late only five minutes? Pshaw. Rookie.

And finally - I think I might have to cruise Facebook til I find this picture ....

Anonymous said...

It's a good think you're not stubborn either.

I hope it's not opposite day :)

Tami said...

The one day I was late to pick Myah up from 4K, they had a sub. Who was apparently clueless. Myah was out on the playground. All. By. Herself.

Sarah said...

Are you kidding me!? Oh I would have been livid.