Wednesday, October 7

Things you can pay for with 75 Million Dollars

1801 Teachers for 1 year

453 US Senators for 1 year

131 US Presidents for 1 year (including a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 non-taxable travel account and $19,000 for entertainment)

30,120,481 gallons of unleaded gas

3,001,200 flu shots at Walgreen's

2,410 Ford F 150 STX trucks

171,232 Glock 27s

1,086,956 Hot Air Balloon rides

333,333 Gold Bus Passes (in Albuquerque) good for unlimited bus rides for one year

239,693 plane tickets from Albuquerque to New York City (tomorrow on Delta Airlines)

2,777,777 NYC 7 day Unlimited MetroCards

1,041,666 tickets to Disneyland

227,963 Dell Mini Netbooks, Nickelodeon Version

18,796,992 bottles of Cover Girl Nail Polish, Candy Apple Red (tax not included)

651,324 cases of Big Red Chewing Gum (That's 78,158,880 packs of gum)

15,000,000 Subway $5 foot longs

57,915 pairs of hot Manolo Blahnick Suede Boots

44 Bugatti Veyron sport's cars, the most expensive car in the world


1 NASA trip to shoot a missile at the moon


Benmo said...

Please remember that that one moonshot employ hundreds if not thousands of people incuding scientists, engineers, programmers, accountants, clerks, janitors, toolmakers, machinists, truck drivers; blue colar and white colar jobs. It is not as if they put the cash in the rocket and send it away.

Sarah said...

Oh, I know. I even thought about the Mighty Cha-Cha as I wrote this post seeing as how she has done stuff with NASA. It just seems like, in these times, 75 million dollars for firing a missile into the moon is a little bit overboard. Surely those people could be otherwise employed with this same money put towards another cause. Just my take.

Anonymous said...

Just because it employ's many people doesn't mean it's a necessary expense. That $75mm could be put to much better use.


Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that there is so much focus on the cost and method, and almost no mention of the actual purpose of the mission. The authors of the stories you have been reading have done a good job of distraction. Personally I think the mission has faaaaaaar more benefit (near and long term) than $850B of bailouts and "stimulus"... Then again I like guns and think people should have the opportunity to own them and be held responsible for how they are used, as opposed to somebody else deciding for me :)

Sarah said...

What I've heard/read as the purpose is finding water on the moon. What for? To make a moon base? Why? And I 100% agree that the 'stimilus' was just a giant waste of money. I'd rather shoot rockets at the moon then bail out banks.

Anonymous said...

And yet another angle on the bathing topic is in here for you somewhere :)