Tuesday, November 24

In two days

We're having turkey.  But, unless you live under a rock, you already know that.

My mouth is watering as I think about the things I am grateful for:

Mashed potatoes
Sweet potatoes (well, not so much me but I'm sure others are grateful)
Green bean casserole
Mmm bread
Punkin pie
Apple pie
More punkin pie
Whipped cream
Cauliflower and melty gooey cheese
Olives, Pickles, Ham roll ups, M & Ms, Veggies, Crackers, Cheese and other assorted niblies

The only thing missing is Jannelle's famous broccoli salad thingy that I don't have the recipe for (or the inclination to make)  Maybe next year!

Are you hungry?

Aren't we lucky?