Sunday, November 1


Today, I am MOM, ruler of the household universe, holder of the tickets to bed time, surveyor of all things not cleaned up, approver of all work done and to be done. I am mighty.

Tomorrow I might be WIFE, one who is taken care of, receiver of gifts, demander of kisses, to be protected and adored - nay! admired until the smile stretches across my face in satisfaction.

Yesterday (and many days) I am SNIPPET, girl of a whip-lash mood, sharp of tongue, pouter of lips, and yeller of all things loud. I am often unpleasant on these days.

Some days I am CHILD, growing and changing my ideas by the moment, a leaf in the wind tossed about, a constantly changing sprout.

There are times I am DAUGHTER, a willing participant in the lives of my parents, clinging to them, snatching their free time to claim it as my own, morphing into their shadows.

I feel lucky when I am SISTER, completely surrounded by all that is best in my character, teased and coddled by turns, laughed at and with, a puzzle piece to a greater whole, a pea in a pod.

At times I am simply FRIEND, listener, shoulder, bearer, laugher, dreamer, soul-knit.

Quite often I am WRONG. And there are times I am RIGHT (but these are few). Some days I am FRUSTRATED and ANGRY, and some days I am completely CONTENT. I suffer alongside DEPRESSION and my family feels its effects acutely. There are times when I feel PRETTY but mostly not. I have perfected WALLOWING, but also OPTIMISM. I am PROUD and sometimes I LINGER on the beauty that surrounds me. I have DOUBTS and many FEARS. I am PATIENT - until I'm not anymore.

I am learning to accept all these, to feel comfortable under the weight of all the labels.

I am learning to be grateful for the variety.

"Every woman is a rebel, and usually in wild revolt against herself." - Oscar Wilde


Pam said...

Thought of you a lot today and in the past couple weeks as I have gave a lesson in RS on VT. I am the new visiting teaching supervisor so I got to give the pep talk today :)
Love ya

That Girl said...

I adore basically everything you write. Seriously.

And DUDE! Your pictures! How!

Anonymous said...

What about fan or groupie for Harry Potter? Even Prof Trelawney could divine that you are going to join the crowds at a movie on opening night!