Tuesday, November 3

That'll make you think twice

Have you ever wanted to be that really mean person? The one that speaks her mind regardless of the outcome? The one that never, ever apologizes or says thank you? The one that takes a mile for every inch? The one that bends and twists every situation until she is at the center? The one who thinks "I" more than "YOU"?

Have you ever just wanted to dip your toes in the mean pool?

I bet it's full of tinkle.

image here


That Girl said...

Honestly ... no.

I don't like tinkle.

Anonymous said...

Katie Tidabagus sings - dude, like, you're so mean, I bet you think this blog is about you, don't you, don't you! How could one so nieve really understand the thrill of intimidating others, getting you way at all costs, and best of all enjoying the health benefits of swimming in yellow water (far more effective than plain old chlorine)! The way you describe it, meanness sounds so unfun. :)