Friday, December 18

I think you can call it a conversation


Everyone keeps locking my door, every year, every year, every year.  Sabrina locks it, I unlock it.  She keeps locking it every time.  Ethan locks it, I unlock it.  JaVon locks it, I unlock it. {SIGH}


{looks confused and nods}

Meanwhile, isn't she just scrumptious?


Harmony said...

ha ha, that's hilarious! Probably all she needed was a nod from you and that was conversation enough for her. And, I love that you called her "scrumptious!" That's a great word!

Oh, and for the record, I'm totally in love with her stockings.

Sarah said...

Me too on the stockings! They were hand-me-downs too, which makes it even better - actually her whole outfit came from the hand-me-down box just this morning. Gotta love having friends and family with good taste!