Saturday, January 16

Dear Sick Child:

Next time, please tell your mom/dad/decision maker that you are sick.  That you are coughing so hard your whole body shakes.  That your nose is running and you aren't really the best at wiping it and washing your hands so as not to spread germs.  Please make sure they understand that pre-school is OPTIONAL, heck! even non-pre-school is going to go on if you miss a day or two.  Remind them that the other kids love pre-school and are going to be sad when they have to stay home in the very first week back.  Please help them understand that you are going to infect my child just by looking at her sideways.  Please tell them that Carly coughing so hard she can't sleep (and she needs to sleep) is really alarming and pitiful to listen to.  Tell them I said THANK YOU SO MUCH for NOT coming to pre-school NEXT TIME because this time, it's already too late.