Monday, January 11

I'm so square

I'm sure by now you've all seen the bra color, shoe size, hair-do postings on Facebook.  You know what I mean - the random reds, 10.5s, up and big postings that are circulating around like a bad flu.  Now, apparently these postings are aimed at breast cancer awareness.  I'm all about good causes like saving people from cancer.  If I were smart enough to come up with a cure, I so would like yesterday.  Because we need one.


Really, ladies?

I suppose it is a little amusing.  I mean, everyone is trying to guess what the heck is going on and having a good snicker about it.  The bra color thing was pretty cute, even if it was a little TMI for my taste.  I mean, the reason I wear underwear under my clothes is so that people won't see them.  I suppose it does peak interest (mine was peaked enough to google the phenom) so that is a good thing.  But, how many people even know WHAT was going on or WHY.  And did any of the people that figured it out go to and make a donation or read how to do self breast exams, etc?  Because there weren't any websites posted that I saw.  Or guidelines.  Or useful information, period.

I have a suggestion for all you game players out there (many of whom I know and love dearly, btw): If you want to get some attention for breast cancer, just get your husband to conduct your breast exam every month.  Happy you, happy him, breast cancer awareness for all!  And if, by chance, you ARE playing these snarky little games on Facebook go back a day after you post your unmentionables and explain WHAT, WHY and WHERE to go.  Because that is much more useful than a snicker about shoe size.

I know, I'm so lame.  But I had to get it off my chest.

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