Tuesday, January 19

Random Times Ten

1. I secretly enjoy Carly's Afro. Until junk off the ground starts sticking to it. (She's a tumbler, that one.)

2. I started freelance writing for a local paper. I am afraid I'm going to get fired at any moment and I've only written one story so far.

3. I really don't like drinking water.

4. I've taken up painting. So far I've painted two pictures I mostly like, 1 I half don't like, and 2 I've scrapped. Move over, Picasso.

5. Today it is snowing, sunny, sleeting, sunny and windy here (by turns).

6. I have a pathetic addiction to Cafe World on Facebook (which reminds me, I think my tacos are done...I totally just hit level 41, woot!)

7. I am still in my pjs. In my defense, Carly did not go to school today (thank you again, parents of sick child) and I am doing laundry so I don't have much to choose from clothing wise yet.

8. I swept and mopped most of the house. The dog tracked muddy prints all across the clean floor. I am annoyed.

9. Carly just got out of bed when she's supposed to be taking a nap. Annoyed again.

10. I can't think of a number 10.