Tuesday, January 5

The thing about New Year's Resolutions is

I just can't make things like that stick.  Forget a whole year of trying to improve something about myself, I can't even go a week without dropping my goals like hot potatoes.

And why the heck do we set these goals right after we just over spent, over ate, over slept, and over indulged?  Of course we want to change things after we just threw a month-long party.  But now, now that life is back to normal - which includes all those lovely things like catching up the laundry that is staring you in the face - those goals seem hard - nay out of reach, nay unnecessary, nay just a whim, nay - dare I say - silly.  Walk with me a while, let us reason our way out of resolutions together.

The truth is I didn't really set any goals for 2010 except to get our financial selves in order.  But even that, I guess I'll have to learn to do day by day.  This year thing just isn't working.


That Girl said...

I'm all about setting mini-goals, one month (or week) at a time. And if I fail one month (dare I saw WHEN I fail?), then I don't let it bug me and do better the next month.

And my goals are never, ever unreachable. I don't like setting myself up for failure.

Anonymous said...

Like, totally Katie Sarah, a resolution is made and kept one day at time - just as you only get to the door of The GAP one step at a time. Perhaps one of the reasons we are not supposed to shop on Sunday is so we can keep our finances in control (i.e. not spend $$) for one day in the week :)