Tuesday, February 9

Choose your own adventure

Life is not much like books.

There is no explanation at the beginning to set things up.

There is no introduction of characters.

There is no recap at the start of the second book.

Antagonists are often disguised, side-line-type people rather than central characters.

Choices do not have astounding consequences very often, rather small ones that add up into big ones.

You can't skim, paraphrase, or reread.

Most lives are not so full of drama, travel, murder, mystery, or romance.

Most epic love stories are simple and clean rather than fraught with danger and happenstance.


There are moments of despair and things crashing down.

There are chance meetings that change your life.

There are clear paths and murky waters.

There are people who light up the room when they walk in.

Sometimes even fairy tale beginnings.

There is injustice and tragedy.

There is soul-rending grief.

And, after all, there is starting over.