Monday, February 1

Dear Eric,

I'm not sure if you've heard, but pretty soon it will be Valentine's Day.  You know, the shameless excuse of a holiday wherein we exchange mostly edible or sparkly gifts?  While I was driving around in the car, an ad came on the radio for said holiday.  It was for Laser Hair Removal.

I just want to warn you, up front, that if my made-up-holiday gift is for Laser Hair Removal or weight loss or any other service that points to how not sexy/hot/pretty/cute I am, you will most likely have a very cold-shoulder lonely Valentine's night.

I'm pretty sure you knew that, but I wanted to cover my bases.



image here


Mistylynn said...

Thanks for the laugh Sarah. I totally understand that.

That Girl said...

Hee hee and a HAW.

I might need to do a post like this soonish.

Harmony said...

TOTALLY. Except, unfortunately, I don't even think my husband is thoughtful enough to think of one of those awful gifts.... :)