Tuesday, February 2

Random is as Random does

Just now I was thinking about shopping for clothes.  Perhaps because I never do it for myself and therefore I have like 5 shirts that are wearable.  Aside:  Clothes for squishy women are just not at all cute, my style would be totally different if I was less squishy.  I was thinking about this one time I went shopping with my friend Pam.  She's really tall - well taller than me and I'm considered tall for a girl.  She's not an amazon or anything.  So we shopped for a while and we couldn't find anything she liked or that fit quite right.  So she says to me

"Let's go look in petites"

and I'm like


But we go look and my tall, cute friend finds stuff she likes.  IN PETITES.  This makes no sense to me still and it happened like 7 years ago.

(Hi Pam, I miss you!)

Josh finished reading the whooooooolllle Percy Jackson series tonight.  Now, I'm all for reading, I do it a lot, but I don't often recommend books to others because then if they don't like them there is this awkward pause and explanations and I'm all embarrassed (it's a normal state of mind for me actually).  But Percy Jackson and the Olympians, soon to be a movie, is really a fun series.  And it got Josh to read nonstop for hours, which I consider quite the big deal.  As I've said before.  I'm lame and repetitive like that.

I wrote 2, TWO, dos, tee double-u oh freelance articles and now the publisher hasn't called me back and I really feel .... well, I'm sure you can figure it out.  Sigh.  Cross fingers.  Sigh.