Friday, February 19

There was this headline

on Yahoo (which so does not get a link because, dude, it's Yahoo.  Now I've said their name twice) that said "HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON THE WEB" so I totally clicked on it.  The first way to make money on the web is to be a blogger.


I'm not makin any money doing this at all.  I even once tried those ads from google (now I've said their name and not linked it, so take that google) and I made exactly zero dollars off it.  Hawt.  My totally free site doesn't generate any income for me.  Whut?

I wouldn't pay to read me either.


In other news, we replaced our long broken Wii (also not linked!  Boo-ya Nintendo!) and have been having lots of fun bowling, Guitar-Hero'ing, baseballing, tennising, and exercising.  That's right, we bought one of those exercise games.  Not Wii Fit, rather EA Active.  (Just look at all the non-linkage!  I feel so dirty.)  It's pretty fun since you can create your own workouts and stuff.  2 days in and I'm wondering why my clothes still fit, I should totally be skinnier.

While we were bowling the other night, I came up with the next new brilliant idea.  Brace yourselves:

World of WiiCraft. {insert heavenly music}

Zomgosh awesome!  Can you imagine?  If you don't Wii or WoW you probably can't, but the rest of you are totally transported to awesome-land with me right now. 

Welcome, and enjoy your stay.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean you don't get paid. You get my 2 cents worth all the time!

Wii WOW would only be wonderful if there were wii-strictions on killing bears and wrabbits. Bonus points (or gold or magical powers or whatever) would be awarded for killing spiders, centipedes, and mosquitos.

Sarah said...

wiistrictions, see things in awesome town really are awesome!

Pam said...

HAHAHAHAHAH! I know there are LOL terms but it was more of a chuckle when I read. I swear every time I think of VT I think of you and how I need to call you to schedule a time to go. Miss you but happy you are doing well

A-B-C to tha Diaz said...

That is a gaming world where my hubby and I could possibly coexist. I don't get WOW, although I tried. He even went to BlizzCon last year, he's so hardcore, LOL! Gimme a Mii and I might be more apt to try again :)

Harmony said...

Oh my gosh, you are so funny with all the non-linkage-ness in your blog. World of WiiCraft. You really should be a game designer. I suppose you missed your calling...