Monday, March 22

Dear Powers that Be

not Heavenly Powers, but rather Government Powers, in case I need to be clear.

You are exhausting me today. You have worn through my optimistic shell down to the pessimist that secretly lives inside.

Apparently, this new healthcare reform is THE END OF THE FRIGGIN WORLD. If it doesn't hold up, we're all DOOMED. If it does hold up, we're all DOOMED.  I'm pretty much banking on we're all DOOMED, there doesn't seem to be any other options.

Also, I'm not really sure how this happened but apparently my NM driver's license was suspended in 2000.  I didn't have a NM DL in 2000.  I didn't even live here.  And nobody told me it was suspended either, not until today when I tried to officially become a resident.  I'm pretty sure a majority of my brain cells just died.  But I'm not really surprised because we're all DOOMED anyhow.


With affection,