Friday, March 26

Strict Observance

Today is "Poppa Day."  Also known as Sam's birthday, the day he would have turned 73.  My father-in-law was an interesting character.  Often grumpy, full of sass (and gas), Poppa could give you the impression that he'd rather be alone thank-you-very-much.  But he was also extremely marshmellow-y on the inside.  He would often request a kiss on his bristly cheek.  He would often buy Josh THE MOST EXPENSIVE toy at the store, just because.  He would drive with his wife, his Annie, to the cemetary and eat ice cream while Josh chased geese.  He would sit on his front porch and puff a cigar.  He would spit shine my kitchen table, no joke.  He would request a chocolate milk (for his sugar levels) five minutes after we got in the car.  He would buy us dinner, tell us jokes, make up prayers, play cards half blind and win at Monopoly even when we cheated.

In honor of "Poppa Day" you should engage in at least one of the following acts:

Buy some extra toilet paper
Buy $10 in scratch off lottery tickets
Smoke a cigar in the fresh air
Shuffle when you walk
Play solitaire
Fall asleep in the middle of a movie
Listen to opera REALLY LOUD
Watch something about bugs
Convince someone Lake St Clair is a Great Lake
Make up your silliest prayer
Drink chocolate milk
Eat something super sugary
Tell your wife/husband/kids that you're a 'prisoner' and you need a furlough day
Laugh over nothing for at least 30 minutes with your family
Use natural gas power to help you walk around
Say 'goodbye' instead of 'goodnight'

Be glad you had one more day.

We miss you, Dad.


Pam said...

What a delightful tribute! I will try out the "use natural gas power to help you walk around" today :)

Heather said...

I'll take on some chocolate milk!

Anonymous said...

Oy! I need to go to the store and get some donuts and toilet paper. Paper towels too, I know you are out.

I miss him too!

- hey you (aka char-char)

Marcia said...

What wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing.