Sunday, March 7

Wherein I have learned both nothing and everything

I've had an interesting couple of days.  I didn't really do anything or go anywhere in particular.  I wasn't on a vacation or a staycation or a playstation.  I was just hanging around, doin my thang.

And God bumped me on the head.

The God, yep.

Now, I understand completely that a few of you stopped reading right there.  That's okay though, because one thing I learned in the last couple of days: You don't have to believe in God the way that I do.  The relationship that I have with Him is completely my own and personal and doesn't need to be understood, explained, sold, or vindicated. 

I know, right?  Epiphany.

I just wanted to say epiphany actually.  It wasn't so much an epiphany as a revolution of thought.  The idea was already there, mingling around with all kinds of other information, it just never stepped center stage before.

One of the other things I realized in the last few days - even if I'm doing it all wrong, the whole righteous servant thing, I might just be doing it right too. 

It might be easy for someone else to do the A, B, C thing. 

A.  Read Scriptures
B.  Pray
C.  Faith, et al, etc.

But, it's not easy for me so much.  I 'forget', delay, avoid, doubt, get the picture.  I am still learning my ABCs.

But that's okay!  So long as I'm working on those ABCs and I see them as a good thing, I'm on the right track.  Perhaps I'm walking sort of half sideways with my head turned around, but I'm still walking. 

For today, that's the best I can do.

And it is enough.  For me.