Sunday, April 11

I heard the strangest things

{I wish my vision was still this full of magic}

'I'm flapping my arms, I'm trying to be a bird!'


'Hey Mom!  Look at my pinky toe!  It's getting soooo big!  Cause I'm growing!  Let me see your toe!  Ohhh, it's HUGE!'


'You want to hear something interesting Mom?  The world's smallest spider is smaller than the tip of a pencil!'


 'Mom!  What's your favorite dog?'
'I dunno, a labrodor I guess.  What's yours?'
'A doberman!'
'Have you ever seen a doberman?'
'I think our neighbor has one.'
'Why a doberman?'
'Well, they are like one of the tallest dogs and I just like how they look.  And I heard, but I'm not sure, that they have the best sense of smell of any dog and they can hear better too.'
'You heard or you think so?'
'I think so, but I heard it.'

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Anonymous said...

You should point out that the huger your pinky toe, the faster you swim and the more chocolate you get to eat. :)