Thursday, May 6

Class of 2022

Life's a blur, much like this picture that I artistically altered for your viewing pleasure.  Or displeasure, either way.

Carly graduated for preschool today.  It was kind of a big deal.  Cake and music and diplomas.  The mayor of the town the preschool is in declared it Carly's day.  Officially and all, along with the rest of her graduating class.  The kids didn't care, but it set the adults a-flutter.  There was a giant, inflated bouncy thing.  (That's a technical term right there.)  There was very sweet punch and camera flashes that put the Oscar red carpet show to shame.  I managed mostly fuzzy pictures myself.  The fancy camera aludes me and the non-fancy camera is broken.  All I'm left with is Picnik altered paraphernalia to mark the day.

That and a tiny graduate that insists on growing up.


Harmony said...

As cute as kindergarted graduation is, I do think it's rather indulgent. Since when was it a big accomplishment to get through kindergarten? I remember when I moved the Troy and we had an 8th-grade graduation; I thought that was weird. And, I know everyone does Kindergarten Graduation nowadays, but I still just think it's silly!! But, I have to say, it's still really cute... :)

Sarah said...

I totally agree, it is completely indulgent for the parents. Josh has had preschool grad, kindergarten grad, 5th grade grad and this year he will have 6th grade grad. Seriously? But, whatever, I can't do anything except snap pictures and laugh.