Sunday, May 30

Do's and Dont's

When Camping:

Do: Check to make sure you have a luggage rack actually installed on your car before you buy the fancy luggage rack mounted bag and spend an hour (plus) packing it neatly.

Don't: Expect all your stuff to fit.

Do: Wear sunscreen even if it's not that hot outside.  Especially if you plan to sit next to a lake right around lunch time. 

Don't: Forget to pack the aloe.  See above.

Do:  Find a campsite with plenty of privacy trees for your latrine.

Don't:  Bring your dignity.

Do:  Dump your shoes out in the morning before you put them on.

Don't:  Be surprised when you find a bug crawling around inside your shoe.  See above.

Do:  Set aside some extra funding for popped tires.

Don't:  Plan for anything to go as planned. 

Do:  Relax and leave behind your busy bee inhibitions.

Don't: Forget to pause and appreciate the total isolation.  No phone, no internet, no TV.  Bliss.


Anonymous said...

Like, the luggage rack thingie, like sounds like a totally Katie moment! Even if you actually had such a rack on top of the Katie-family mobile, I would have been very interested in seeing exactly how you were going to get the filled tote on top of the "about to have new (or at least newly patched) tires" mode of transport without going over the Edge...

Generally one would install said trunk expander on the mini station wagon first. Unless it was a pretty small bag in which case you should have just put it in Joshy's seat and made him sit on the floor on Carly's side :) The kiddies would have been thinking it was a great treat to sit on the floor and would have been fighting over who got to do it, unless you accidentally mentioned that is where the spiders hang out.

Marcia said...

I love camping! The isolation...the unexpected...the natural life we so rarely lead...the latrines (Eeks!)...going to bed when it's dark and getting up when it's light. Campfires and bugs. Ah...heaven.

Pam said...

Your pictures didn't show up. SOme day we will be camping.