Monday, May 17

It's Simple, Really

I am baffled.

I know this happens so regularly that no one is surprised. 

But what me has me all turned around today is spite.  In particular, being mean for mean's sake.

I think of myself as a nice person.  It is one of the few qualities I have that I rarely doubt.  I like it when people smile, when they laugh, when they feel good.  I like seeing someone brighten up or walk taller.  When someone feels good, I feel good.  Happiness is contagious.

So is politeness.

So is charity.

So is respect.

Lately there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of respect going around.  Especially when we throw in things like marriage, religion, politics, rights, weight, money, choice, standards, morals.  Let loose any of those words and suddenly perfectly normal, sane people turn into lunatics.  Raving, rude, disrespectful lunatics.

We can disagree and still like each other.  We can have a different viewpoint and still understand the other side.  We can sympathize without transforming.  The world would be a better place without the bitter, sarcastic comments that seem to accompany having an opinion.

We can be nice for nice's sake. 


Anonymous said...

I respect that your opinion, while logical in some alternate universe, is simply wrong. Also, I am not stubborn about being right :)

I agree that people can be quite confusing as they become so passionate about their own perspective that they can neither see or stand any other.

I say we should all take more time to play Lego Star Wars, or Batman, or Indiana Jones, or (someday) Harry Potter. There is nothing like making lego pieces fly everywhere, or seeing General Grevious do his ballerina impression.

Also, you need to invent a comment window that includes spell-checking. I'll let you take all the glory and royalties if when you make it work!

Marcia said...

Amen girl! We can disagree and still get along. (But I don't disagree with you :) We can have differing opinions and still be nice people. I think this is especially hard for women. We prefer everyone just get along.