Tuesday, May 11

The one where I confess

I am not a fan of Mother's Day.

This year I really just wasn't into it.  I tried to pretend but I didn't want to read sappy articles about how wonderful moms are, and I didn't want to write them either (hence a post full of funny faces to mark the day).  I didn't want to look at cards or chocolates or any of that dribble. 

It has nothing to do with my own mother, I'm pretty lucky in that department.  And my mother-in-law was an angel before she ever left the earth.  It has nothing to do with my kids or husband, they honored me suitably with breakfast in bed and a week of no chores. 

It was more about how Mother's Day reminds me of nots.

I'm not able to have more children for whatever reason.  And although I've mostly come to terms with that idea, it still burns. 

I am not patient, or kind, or thoughtful.  Shoot, I can't even remember what I've promised to do/finish/help out with/supply.  I'm too wrapped up in ME to think about YOU.

I'm not a hot mama, a skinny mama, a cool mama, a fun mama, a diva mama, a pretty mama, a stylish mama...I'm just Mom.

Mother's Day, for me this year, was just a reminder of all that is not and I am really glad it's over.

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