Wednesday, June 16

Bliggity Bloggity Random

1.  There is a bug in my house somewhere.  The biting kind.  It's systematically eating my body, bite by bite.  No one else has a single bug bite.  I'm really annoyed and I don't know where said bug lives.  But when I find it! SQUISH!

2.  We are out of computer paper.  I really like printing things.  It's really quite sad.

3.  Carly has just informed me (in a rather insulted voice): "Mommy I am going in my room to play!"  She has such a sad, sad life.

4.  If, like me, you have mortality on your mind and you don't have your will prepared, you can do what I did and visit this site.  It's free, it's easy, it's simple.  A more complicated and expensive version can come later, but I highly recommend the peace of mind.

5.  I am a closet QVC addict.  Sometimes between the old lady clothes and Joan Rivers appearances, they have really cool stuff.  Like this here computer that I'm just salivating over.  I am sure I could write a novel on it.  Or get really good grades in school.  Think of all the possibilities this magical computer could bring!  Oh, hello again reality.

6.  We have a lovely shade tree in our back yard.  Carly likes to climb it.  Also, hang on it.  Make the branches bounce up and down.  Swat invisible spiders.  Etc.  Isn't she beautiful?  And the tree too. 

 The End

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