Thursday, June 10

Hair Affair

I've come to the conclusion that black women, (women of color, African American women, sista's - pick your pleasure) must be more brave than your average white girl.  I can't help but admire how they transform themselves continually, and I'm specifically talking about hair.  I'm scared to let the scissors near my hair.  It might be too short (heaven forbid).  It might be too layered, too big, too frizzed, too much, too little, too round.  So most of the time it just looks a mess.  I wish I had the bravery of a strong black woman.  I hope Carly does when she's grown. 

And so I took her to the salon.  For you other clueless white people, this hairdo is called a crochet.  It's like extensions, but not.  First the stylist put Carly's hair in cornrows.  Then she actually crocheted hairpieces on to the cornrows.  It was a fascinating (and lengthy) process.  Most important, Carly loves it.  Next time we'll try extensions to see how it looks/behaves differently.  Lucky for us, this should last 1.5-2 months unless Carly gets tired of it sooner (not likely).


Heather said...

I so love this hair!! If I could pull it off I would so rock it... but alas, we've all seen the girls camp pictures of us trying to pull it off very unsucessfully! lol

Pam said...

Holy, her cute little baby face is being replace by a cute mature face.

Anonymous said...

So very cute, or perhaps more appropriately very Katie. Can't wait to see it in person!

So it may take a while, but if I could get my hair to stay for more than 1 day I'd be all over it too!

Harmony said...

How cute is Carly????!!?!?

That hair is ama-zing. I can't wait to get started with Megan. Just kidding. I can totally wait.