Wednesday, June 2

I love it when

my children are sleeping.  The swell of their chubby cheeks, mouth open, hair wild against the pillow.  The sound of the soft in-out-in breathing, the baby sized snores, the drool pooling on the pillowcase.

It's like a little bit of magic.

When I tuck the blanket up under their chins and they sigh, it erases all the frustrations of a day spent in competition.  When the sun is up, the race is on to be the one mom's paying the most attention to.  They quibble, they argue and bicker, they snap and snide and generally test every particle of my patience.  They look for trouble and find it.  They complain, they moan, they murmur, they cajole.  They promise to 'never do it again', they apologize, they hug and kiss and then skip right back out to repeat their little acts of treason.

But at night, I can scoop their innocence up with starlight and drink it in.

At night, they are perfection.

I love it when my children are sleeping.

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