Friday, July 9

Dear Clothing Making Type People:

I am not sure who, exactly, is responsible for selecting tags for shirts.  Whoever has this job is either

a) malicious


b) a nudist.

Case in point:  my undershirt has the most stiff, scratchy, annoying, skin flaying tag ever in creation.  And for some reason, unknown, this tag is situated in the side seam of the shirt right where my pants waistline sits.  Why, why, why?  Oh I forgot: malicious nudist.

It is my formal request that from now on tags are:

a) printed ON the cloth

b) removeable without ripping a giant hole in the fabric


c) made of something soft and pleasant.  Silk maybe? Satin? Cotton?




Harmony said...

Yes! They can make tagless (tag printed on) shirts for babies & kiddos; why not do it for us adults? Do they really think we are so tough we prefer to be scratched all day long? Plus, you'd think it's cheaper to just print it on, rather than have some poor seamstress (or machine) sew them all one. COME ON PEOPLE!

That Girl said...

Dang it - Harms beat me to the "tagless" shirts. Heaven, I tell you. HEAVEN! (And they DO make them for adults ... you just have to hunt!)