Friday, July 30

Looking Back, Moving Forward

First, because my parent's will ask, I love being back 'home' in New Mexico.  I love the beauty and variety, I love the quiet and peace, I love being near my family.


I miss Michigan.

I miss the trees.

I miss the water.

I miss the flowers in spring.

I miss sidewalks and parks and shops.

I miss restaurants.

I miss walking to school.

I miss streets so famaliar they are like old friends.

I missed memory filled places, like my in-laws house, the cemetary where they took Joshua to play, A&W.

I miss my friends.  I rarely make close friends and I had the most there that I have ever had in my whole life.

I miss my church family who welcomed, nurtured and loved me when I was far from home, trying to adopt, and generally lonely.

I miss the revolving door that was our home, always someone stopping by, joining us for dinner or just hanging out.

I miss my husband's family who loved me from the first moment and made me their own.

I miss driving through random neighborhoods.

I miss 7-11 trips.

I miss my brother-in-law and all his craziness.

I miss living in the city.

I miss my second parents, who loved me like I was their daughter, more than words can ever say.

I love my new life.  I'm so lucky and grateful and happy to be here.  But I miss my old life, too.


Pam said...

I just sent you an email. Is that the nature center I see a picture of? If so the girls and I just went there a couple of weeks ago. Just to let you know we miss you here too.

Heather said...

Sounds fabulous. It's nice to remember... like a little vacation!

Sarah said...

That's the park that was between Wass and the house on Limestone, there was a cut through that made it a shorter walk home from school and it was a beautiful walk when it wasn't swampy.

Anonymous said...

Just to add a little perspective, perhaps a few things you don't miss: 1- humidity!, 2- icy driveways, and 3- Michigan left turns :)

Sarah said...

I certainly don't miss those things, among many others!

Harmony said...

ha ha, I actually LIKE the Michigan turn-around thingies. I think they're rad.

I'm going to MI next week, dang it! I missed you! Bum, bum, bummer.

And, FYI- I got the turkey poo mix at Home Depot. But, I think it said it was locally made, so I don't know if that will help you...