Monday, July 19

I just wanted you to know

I tried out the crazy new hip website called Bag Borrow Steal.  I am not sure if you've heard of it, but apparently you can rent purses and bags there.  The designer kind.  I thought, "hey bags and purses!  I like those!" and I signed up, signed in and started to shop for an officially official designer bag to rent.

First, what is with purses that can carry small towns inside?  I recently bought a new bag that can pretty much hold Carly in it if she squishes herself into a ball.  I bought this giant bag on purpose - mainly because I am typically the receptacle for everything my kids HAD to bring but now can't possibly carry for one more step.  Also, the pockets are large enough to hold a calendar and I'm thinking that when school starts that might be handy.  Even though I'll probably be carrying a back pack at that point.  But you never know. bag isn't nearly as big as most of the designer purses out there. 

Second, what is with purses that look like the ugly back side of a dog?  A hairless dog, at that.  A pierced ugly dog backside...toggles and chains and bows all over the place. 

Third, renting these designer bags costs anywhere from 20-a few hundred dollars.  A WEEK!  I'm not going to pay hundreds of dollars for something I don't actually get to own once I'm done bleeding.  Sorry, no.

So, in short, I've done the hard work for you.  I've trolled the cute and ugly alike.  I've gasped at prices.  I've shuddered at patterns.  And I've removed myself from their mailing list.  Bag Borrow and Steal is a must-skip.  You're welcome.


Heather said...

Thanks for all your leg work!! Purses are so not my thing. If it's at target and it's $20 I buy it... really.

Laraine Eddington said...

I agree. I like purses that are reasonable so I don't feel guilty when I want another one. I'd never rent, ewwwww.

Lesa said...

Coming from MMB. very nice post over there!!

I love purses. They are my down fall. But I don't think I will rent, ever!!