Monday, July 12


I wonder

What is up with paint colors that look like barf?  Barf colors with the top coat 'worn off' to reveal the barfy-er tone underneath?

If you bite the head off a Peep first, does it make a sound?

Whose in charge of the Lollipop Guild these days?  And what about the Lullabye League?  (I've always wanted to join that one, by the way, because of the pretty tutu's.)

Is the magical goodness of the In-n-Out burger all in the sauce?  Or is it the buttered bun?  Or the beef?

Who is Julienne and how did she get a form of chopping named after her?

How did my house get so messy?  Wait, nevermind, I know that one.

Just how did those pioneer women survive without hot water?  It's only been 3 days since our tank was red tagged (it's leaking, you see) and I'm about ready to die.  Well, not die.  But maybe cry.  And everybody smells.  (Not really.  Maybe a little, I did go work out this morning.  I know, what was I thinking!  It burns, it burns!)

The End.


Jamie Lyn said...

so who did you work out with?? and that is great that you are working out!! it burned for me this morning too!! Darn sit ups for the wii!!!

Sarah said...

Angie and I have been trying to work out together 3 days a week. When I'm not on vacation :P

Marcia said...

oh seriously. how did those pioneers do it???? I wonder... did the use toilet paper? And what did they use. Ok, they didn't really have toilets.. so if they used something, what did they call it? Outhouse tissue? Ok, and while we're on the subject... feminine products..?? Ok, 'nough said.

Laraine Eddington said...

You are a philosophy major aren't you? This post was really deep. I'm going to have to ponder awhile.