Monday, July 26

On the Bus to Crazyland

Today began.  And then it was all downhill.

First, a visit to the doctor's office for Josh.  Nothing major, just a check up so that he can get a prescription for stuff to help concentrate.  He hasn't been taking this stuff all summer, but school is starting soon.  We're talking something like 3 weeks soon.  I know!

Then, we stopped at the health department.  My healthy kids needed shots.  Lots and lots of shots.  Because I wait to get said shots until I absolutely have to.  (And they've never spread a communicable disease!  I know, you're welcome.)  We walk in, children prepped for pain with the promise of a visit to a pizza place that features a large mouse after said pain.

But, there's no nurse on duty today.  At the health department. 


Home, and the internet.  A phone call and assurances that the health department in town (30ish miles away) has a nurse on duty to give shots, and off we go.  In the rain.  Did I mention this is day 2 of rain?  I love rain - humidity...not so much.

We arrive at 12:30.  No cars in the lot, hooray for a short wait! 

Guess again!  Lunch for the health department is 12-1. 


Across the street to a craft/hobby store to browse.  Lot's of ohhs and ahhs and wouldn't-that-be-funs.  (We managed to leave without buying anything, but I'll admit to some handling of objects.)

One o'clock and all's well.  Into the health department office we go. 

"We're here for shots."

"I can give you an appointment on August 4th."

"Whuuuut?  But we called and drove and rain..."

"Too bad!"*


Off to lunch, sadly for the children it did not take place at the mouse pizza house.  Carly has to use the bathroom.  Ten minutes later, we sit back down at the table and I spill her chocolate milk all over myself.  And my white shirt. 


Home again, home again, jiggity jig.  Then grocery shopping (ALONE, BLESSEDLY ALONE).  Home again and groceries in hand, I open the fridge and spill a cup full of old soda pop left by a mysterious resident of the castle.  I'm not saying I know who it is, but she might be less than 4 feet tall. 


Fortunately (for the rest of the household) I end the day on a high note.  Fresh peas and green beans from the garden!  Lettuce too, but it tasted quite bitter and will likely find it's end in a trash can.

Tuesday, bring it on.

*Not the actual conversation, but pretty close

picture here


Pam said...

I see how the full moon effected you yesterday. Glad you are still alive:)

Sarah said...

Is that what it was!? Thank goodness it's over!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I think the spilling of stuff is genetic, or somehow unusually concentrated in we sisters. I have studied (non-voluntarily) this effect for years, and there is a increased sensitivity when white shirts or pants are involved. Fortunately this effect seems focused on spilling on myself, but occasionally it has been known to effect others.

Anonymous said...

Did you point out, in Katie talk, that it should not be necessary for a nurse to schedule the pain appointment - i.e. why could they not tell you this on the first visit? Doing it Katie style at least would have made somebody laugh :)