Monday, August 2

Blog not lest you be blogged

From time to time I think about new blogs I'd like to start.  For fun, or money, or just because the idea won't go away.  A few examples:

"Momnonamous" - a blog wherein moms can post anonymously about the good and bad things in their life.  Although I disclose a lot of information on this blog, sometimes I just wish I had a place to rant.  While my loving husband absorbs most of my angst, sometimes the angst directly involves him and he doesn't take that quite so well.  Enter "Momnonamous" where I can just get those feelings out, dangit.  There are a few sites like this in existence, usually they post weird stuff that I personally have no interest in sharing and/or reading though.

"Spokes" - an Albuquerque day trip blog.  If you've read my blog for more than a day, you know we like to jump in the car and see where it takes us.  We've found a lot of interesting places, some boring places, some places we'll go again, and some places that we loved but need more than a day for, really.  So Spokes would include a brief summary of our adventure, the places to visit and skip, an estimate of how much gas we used and what the drive time is really like when you have young children in the car.  Oh, and it'd have to be on the cheap.  We're cheap people.

"Writer's Blog"- (I believe this is actually already taken as a moniker.)  A blog for amateur writers to post and be read with constructive feedback.  I've tried something like this before but nobody else participated and so it died.  With some real participation, I think this would be a fun blog.

Alas, I'm to lazy and insecure to really give any of these a try.  Maybe someday.


Anonymous said...

How about an blog that solicits reader inputs along the lines of:

If I were ___ {choose your title: emperor, queen, master, boss, president, mayor, etc.} of the ____ {choose your desired domain: room, fridge, TV remote, universe, USA, city, school, etc.} today, I would decree ___ (fill in the blank with your story). Of course you would have to have periodic contests to select the best inputs and give away prizes for things like the most futuristic, or most refreshing, or most literary, etc.

Another idea would be a choose your own adventure blog. Readers start with a situation then choose the actions that will determine what shape the story will take, and you get to change the stories when you feel like it.

Sarah said...

Those are both interesting ideas. I actually started a choose your own adventure story but it was hard to keep it going without input. So maybe it's time to dust it off, eh?