Monday, August 23

Into the Wilderness

Day 1

Morale is high, a significant boost resulting from pure adrenaline has catapulted me through half of the day.  No sign of wildlife, only newly introduced species visible babyosa freshmanis (aka freshmen). 

Observations: students on the first day of class are all basically the same - afraid.  Most look sick, about to be sick, or lost.  A few brave students venture out and make new connections without trouble, but this variety is rare.  Encountered one close up, a fellow regurgitated student.  My obvious advanced aged led her to identify and seek me out. 

Only problem so far: no food and a poor choice of current location.  An obvious food supply source is clearly in view (and downwind) but I lack the correct tribute currency.

Day 1 conclusions: So far so good.


Anonymous said...

Stay strong - lack of dinero does tend to help limit choices. Maybe Joshy boy should be in charge of packing you a lunch now :)

The real question is how much homework did you end up with. Tomorrows quesiton will be how sore are you from carring all the books, supples, and electronics while sprinting (this is a relative term) between classes.

Heather said...

that was entertaining. the good news is... you are one day closer to graduation! :)