Tuesday, August 17


A short list of recent events because I am terrible at phone calls and really should do a better job of keeping my family that is far away informed about our life events.


- Joshua started school today.  At home.  I still think I might be a tad crazy (okay, a lot), but I'm really hopeful that we make some real progress with the boy.

-  Carly did not start school today. She went and did some placement testing and we'll find out on Thursday who her teacher is.  She begins school promptly on Friday morning.  After they all have breakfast together and sing songs.  Well, probably not the singing songs part but definitely the breakfast part.

-  I start school next Monday.  That's right, less than 1 week.  My back pack (or pack back if you're Carly) weighs approximately 500 pounds.  I'm afraid I'm going to fall down and be stuck like a turtle on its back, unable to get up.  Good thing I went ahead and bought a heavy duty back-pack-pack-back to contain it all.  (I am seriously hoping my professors don't expect books at every class.)

-  We had our annual back to school feast (a la nienie, seriously how great is that woman!) but without as much pomp and circumstance as last year.  I blame my own poor planning.  The kids were happy though because their dad took them shopping and they got to pick out the dinner of their choice.  Josh: oreos, doritos, 3 hotdogs and a roll.  Carly: lunchables and a ring pop.  At least it was all health food.  (Mental health, that is.)

-  I cut my own hair today.  The jury is still out.  If only my favorite stylist came to visit....(I'M LOOKING AT YOU MICHELLE!)

-  Cha Cha, Queen of the Legos, comes to visit on Friday night.  She'll be here over the weekend (too short but HOORAY!)  You might know her as 'anonymous' if you ever read the comments on the actual blog site.  And you should because she's funny and smart.  Hopefully while she is visiting Joshua will be ordained as a deacon.  I know, I can't believe he's that old either.

-  That's all I can think of.


Heather said...

lots of biggies happening over there. i want to see your hair! (you are brave, that is one thing i don't think i'll ever attempt) :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the Katie Hair!

Ironic that when you were little and cut (or wanted to cut) your own hair the mom (better known as Mother in those moments) threatened to severly punish you. Now that you are older the mom (i.e. yourself) still may threaten punishment when you cut your own hair?

That Girl said...

No way, you're homeschooling?! I'm dying to hear how it goes. I expect updates.

I'd also like a picture of said haircut.

And some oreos, too, if you don't mind.

Cannwin said...

I've considered cutting my own hair before... but then I'm worried that I'd go into the hair place and they'd say something about the chop job the previous person did on my hair and I'd have to admit that it was me and then I'd have to get those looks they always give... the condescending ones.

Do you ever get those looks at the hair salon?

Sarah said...

Actually, the last stylist I went to was really condescending and I did not have a nice time in her chair...thus the self cut. Lucky for me I have curly hair - really curly - and it's not very obvious if ends are uneven. The worst that can happen is I pay someone to fix it. Since I'm paying them, I would hope they are nice about the hack job! :P