Tuesday, August 24

Tripping along

Day 2

Re: "The real question is how much homework did you end up with. Tomorrows question will be how sore are you from carrying all the books, supplies, and electronics while sprinting (this is a relative term) between classes." - Anonymous

Only minimal amounts of homework were given on day 1, I do not expect that trend to hold.  

Morale still high, back a little sore from carrying a pack that weighs more than my youngest child.  Lack of sleep from pent up excitement proves to be a real obstacle and almost caused a late arrival to the solitary class of the day.  Wildlife today seems more relaxed, although in their haste to migrate one almost ran me over with her wheeled contraption.

The training schedule will have to be modified YET AGAIN thanks to moronic leadership (and I'm not talking about mine.  I mean really, why offer a class that requires a lab but then limit the lab spaces available?)

Summary: Survived day 2, not as hungry as day 1.

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Anonymous said...

I believe the correct adjective to describe the skills of the planners is either "business savvy" or "creatively unbound". Alternatively, they may even blame the situation on a “feature” of the Universities software. Clearly you have unrealistic expectations at this point. Either or both of the following statements apply: 1- they have some business majors leveraging the “overbooking” principle – hoping people will drop the lab but not being afraid to kick you out if that does not happen; and 2- advanced math (the kind Joshy did in 2nd grade) cannot be done by these free thinkers (the sum of all the lab class slots >= the number of in class slots: the backward Pac Man symbol messes them up every time, they only solve it as <= because it is like a happy face).