Wednesday, October 13

Letters to my family

Dear Eric,

I just wanted to say thank you.  Thank you for going to work every single day.  Thank you for trying your hardest and not resting on your many laurels.  Thank you for not accepting 'good enough', but pushing for 'best' instead. 

Thank you for teaching Josh.  For sitting next to him in your office, often listening to endless chit chat while you are trying to work.  Thank you for guiding him and pushing him and helping him succeed.  Thank you for recognizing that he needs to be stretched to his limits.  Thank you for scheduling, grading, and reviewing his many MANY papers.  It is a hard job to homeschool a kid, no less while you are trying to work full time in the same room.

Thank you for believing in me.  For letting me sleep in on my days off from school.  For making dinner so often.  For doing the wretched dishes.  For taking our children OUT before I EXPLODE some days.  Thank you for getting Carly off to school every day.

I see what you do, I appreciate what you do, I know it is all for me.  I'm sorry I haven't been helping as much as I should.  I'm sorry I'm tricking myself into believing I am over taxed, over burdened and over tired.  I will try to be the wife you deserve. 




Dear Joshua,

You rock.  Seriously. 

Your feet stretch almost to the end of your bed.  You wear the same size shoes as I do.  You are constantly changing and thinking and making up excuses.  Your brain is a mine field of useless (useful to you) facts.  You're funny and kind and silly.  Sometimes you are mean to your sister...but let's not talk about that. 

Mostly, you are just a really great kid and I count myself lucky every time I get to kiss your face.




Dear Carly,

I was watching a show the other night.  I may or may not have been "Teen Mom" on MTV.  Only the shadow knows.  One of the mothers on this fascinating show gave her child up for adoption.  On this particular episode, the teen mom was visiting her daughter (Carly, ironic eh?) and her adoptive family.  And when they looked at each other, it was like sparks going off between them.  Little love sparks.

I marvel at the bravery Carly's mother had.  How brave to give her daughter away in hopes of a brighter future.  How brave to visit knowing that she will leave her daughter behind when she leaves.  How brave to love, unabashed, anyhow - opening her heart and soul regardless of the impending torture that will follow. 

I am not the brave sort.  I could not have given you up.  I am so fortunate that I got to keep you.  How lucky I am to be your second Mom.  You might run to your Daddy for comfort when skinned knees and hurt feelings afflict you, but you are my daughter still.  My little girl in pink.  Or purple.  Or camo, depending on what suits your need.  How lucky I am to walk on this side of the adoption road.  I won't lie and pretend this is an easy road - on either side - but I'm glad I chose it.  I'm glad I was chosen for it.  I'm glad I have you.



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Anonymous said...

Thanks honey. We think you are pretty darn awesome!!! :)