Friday, November 5

Advantages to being the oldest girl in the class

1.  Perspective: These kids and their rap music just don't get it.  This is the easy part of life.  This is the part where you probably don't have kids yet, or a mortgage, or a grocery bill, or responsibility beyond your own selfish wants.  I know there are exceptions, some of these kids are highly motivated and responsible and it totally shows.  And then there are the kids that think they are so seriously freakin talented dude that they shouldn't even have to take this super lame silly class.  And those kids irritate me.  I also laugh at them because someday, oh someday, reality is going to knock them upside the head with its ugly stick.

2.  I (mostly) know how to read the professors.  I know what they want, and instead of fighting it because of my artistic integrity, I just do what they ask.  It is much like having a job and a very picky boss.  Fighting the picky boss gets you fired.  Fighting the professor gets you a bad grade and lots of extra work to try and make up for it.

3.  I have realized there is no harm in asking.  Sometimes the answer is no, but largely the answer is yes, maybe, probably, possibly.  Most professors want you to do well and actually learn something. 

4.  I have my own car.  My own house.  My own computer.  My own debit card.  And I don't have to call Mom and Dad to use it.

5.  I have long term vision.  This class today, the one that really sucks and had me all down in the mouth yesterday, it will be over in a few short weeks.  Pass or fail, it will be over.

6.  I have one of these at home.

(In case you wondered, the strings on her face are actually yarn.  She HAD to have them IN her hair, like super cheap weird extensions.  ANYTHING for long hair.)


Harmony said...

You are so wise! Really.

I think YOU should knock those kids upside the head with life's ugly stick. Then blog about it and tell us how it went.

Anonymous said...

Poor little sleepy head - I love the ribbons!! We are going to make sure she has some of your Aussie swimming pictures to exact some revenge for the flattering pose when she is older. :)

Sarah said...

I don't know Harmony, that sounds like more fun than I'm supposed to have at school!