Saturday, November 20

Giving thanks: Day 4

Today I am grateful we had enough money to pay for our propane, electricity, water, and a plane ticket for Scott to come visit at Christmas.  I'd go into all kinds of whiney details about how this was almost not so, but that would be boring.  I am trying to fit in Christmas presents for my kids, a little at a time, and learning to accept that there is only so much we can do right now.  I know if they were asked to choose between a visit from their Uncle and a mound of presents, they would choose Scott every time.  I'm proud of that.
Perhaps this year I will truly learn that it isn't the presents that matter, but the moments together.  Perhaps I will learn that it isn't the dollars spent, but the memories saved.  I am grateful I have enough long term vision to think about it this way, otherwise it would just be really depressing.

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