Monday, November 22

Giving Thanks: Day 6

Also known as "It's only Monday once a week!"

Today I got up early.  (I am not an early morning type of person.  I don't care how pretty that sunrise is, you can keep it.)

I brushed Carly's hair.  (Have you ever tried to brush a sponge?  It's like that.  Except wiggly.)

I took Carly to school.  (She was very happy.)

I got on the freeway and my "tire pressure" light came on.  ({insert sinking feeling})

I pulled over and checked the pressure.  (Low but not riding the rims.)

I drove the rest of the way to school.  (No carnage, that's a plus.)

I went to my first class and gave a "presentation".  (I use the word loosely.  Everyone else read their part verbatim despite receiving the script LAST WEEK.  The professor hated our sketch.  Our demographic was too big.  It sucked and other stuff.)

I paid for parking.  ($3.50!  Really!?)

My mom and sister were waiting for me.  (They took my car to get the tire checked.)

Today, I am grateful for a willing family that saves me time and time and time again.  

I am grateful they care enough to stop their fun for a bit to help me.  

I am grateful they give freely, without complaining (much), and put my needs before their own.  

I am grateful to be so blessed that my terrible Monday isn't all that bad.

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